Rose Kormanyos is a Licensed Independent Marriage and Family Therapist.  She received her Masters Degree in 2012 from Alliant University in Sacramento, California. 
Rose uses a warm, collaborative approach with her clients, taking the time to deeply listen and build a trusting relationship.  This is especially helpful for exploring topics that may be difficult or painful.  Rose has experience with a wide variety of presenting problems - from adjusting to a stressful change to struggling with serious depression, bipolar disorder, or anxiety.  Working with trauma survivors is an area of special interest for Rose, and she extensive experience with the treatment of trauma and PTSD.  
As a Marriage and Family Therapist, Rose is also well-versed in conducting couples and family therapy.  She is passionate about helping couples and families identify what is preventing them from connecting fully, and helping them to build more meaningful and fulfilling relationships. 
Rose celebrates diversity, and welcomes clients of all cultures, ethnicities, sexual-orientations, and gender identities. Before becoming a therapist, Rose trained and worked as an ecology researcher; she continues to draw from her understanding of biology and love of nature in her therapy work.

Rose works in the Milford office.